Candi Naturals

About Us

Candi Naturals was created by Author Candace Cotton and is a raw, all natural- handmade bath & body shop. All products contains all natural ingredients, no chemicals that are harsh for the skin. We specialize in homemade soap, hand crafted with organic, natural, vegetable ingredients and essential oils. All soaps are environmentally friendly and tested by friends and family; not on animals. 

Candi Naturals goal is to make sure all of our customers are satisfied with our product. Over time using Candi Naturals, you will find that your skin will be incredibly softer, more refine and vivid. One of our specialties is skin care. We create our products with the finest oils, butters, herbs, botanicals and essential oils. Our all-natural soaps, bath salts, and other bath trinkets do not contain parabens, artificial or synthetic ingredients, detergents or surfactants. Our all-natural soaps nourish your skin and wash away clean, leaving no icky residue. Our products made with coconut, avocado, and olive oil, retaining the glycerin typically removed from commercially made soaps. Glycerin attracts moisture – leaving skin soft and supple.


Candi Naturals was started by our founder Candace "Candi" Cotton. Candace had a natural journey with her hair and various products she was using and began to have a love and strong desire for healthy hair and skin. Being a vegan and conscious of what goes in and on the outside of our bodies, she was motivated and encouraged to tell others about her love and desire for natural products.  With her love for artistic creations and uniqueness, Candace started Candi Naturals. With strong will and determination, Candi Naturals plans to be one of the top ten bath stores World Wide! This is only the beginning.