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Get 2 Whipped Gourmet Candles $10 OFF!

comes w/box & Ribbon or Bow

Our NEW Whipped Gourmet Soy candles come in two awesome flavors, Mocha Frappuccino Cake & Birthday Cupcake, with or without sprinkles.  These candles are handcrafted with organic soy wax , eco friendly, toxic FREE & whipped with soy wax froasting!  Our candles are very heavy weiging at approximiatly 2 pounds and 12 oz! Gaurentted to burn for months!  Everything is safe to burn including the sprinkles & Straw, although we suggest pulling the straw out half way through burning!

Great for a gift, beautiful decoration for your home, or great eco friendly aroma!


Vegan and Crulelty FREE!

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